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Welcome to Carolina Autotransfusion, Inc.
CATI is in the process of becoming the first AABB accredited cell salvage service in the region!
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The Use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Orthopedics

Christopher J.Centeno, M.D., Stephen Faulkner, B.A.

Why use Recombinant Thrombin?
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Carolina Autotransfusion, Inc., (CATI) has provided perioperative blood services to hospitals throughout the Carolinas and Georgia since 1989.  Began originally in an effort to assist smaller medical facilities in providing their patients the technology which would limit and in many cases help them avoid allogeneic blood transfusions. 

In 1988, the American Red Cross identified the neccessity of hospitals to have consistent patient care with regards to collecting and processing shed blood in the perioperative arena.  Additionally, they were on the forefront in meeting the criteria that blood was salvaged in accordance to criteria set forth by the American Association of Blood Banks, (AABB).

Having a centralized group of technicians and nurses well trained in surgical techniques as well as blood therapy was a solution that many centralized Red Cross Centers embraced.  The Midlands Red Cross began providing the service in 1988 to hospitals in the area who contracted to secure blood products.  Unfortunately after less than a year,  the decision was made to disband the program and concentrate on its core business of collecting and distributing allogeneic blood. 

This was the beginning of CATI and today the company has evolved into the largest contractual blood service company in the Carolinas, providing consistent, quality care to approximately 4000 patients annually. 

Perioperative Blood Salvage and Processing continues to be the mainstay of our company, but more recently CATI has become the area leader in concentrated autologous growth factors and stem cell collection and processing.  All procedures are performed in accordance with AABB's published Standards For Perioperative Autologous Blood Collection and Administration. 

Much of CATI’s success can be attributed to the commitment of a dedicated staff and their adherence to approved standards of practice.  Our well defined quality program tracks the efficiency of each operator and contractual hospitals are sent quarterly reports which compiles information needed by inhouse transfusion committees, as well as those accrediting agencies which have oversight of hospital blood programs.

Our educational program for employees and contract hospitals is surpassed by none.   CEU programs are available on an as requested basis as well as routine “hands-on First Collect” training. 

CATI is aware that each hospital has unique needs and requirements.  Let us help you create a service designed especially for your facility.
Serving the Carolinas and Georgia since 1989

Featured News Article:

Intraoperative Cell Salvage Versus Postoperative Autologous Blood Transfusion in Hip Arthroplasty