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Cell Salvage FAQs

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Can it be used on:

Cancer Patients:
Autologous blood (your own blood) transfusions have been avoided in cancer surgery because of the metastatic potential of reinfused tumour cells.  However, there was a study done on how efficient a blood transfusion filter was in removing tumour cells from blood.  Whole human blood was admixed with two different malignant cell lines (breast cancer PMl and MCF7).  The blood was filtered through a RC400TE leucocyte depletion filter. Unfiltered blood was used as a control.  Detection of malignant cells was performed with immunomagnetic beads and clonogenic assays.  The results of this study showed no viable tumour cells were found after filtration with the leucocyte depletion filter.  These findings suggest that the use of a leucocyte filter after intra-operative blood salvage may make auto transfusion safe even in tumour surgery.  Read more on this topic in our Articles of Interest, Leucocyte Depletion Filter Removes Cancer Cells in Human Blood.

Cesarean Section Patients:

Hysterectomy Patients:

Jehovah Witness Patients:
A Jehovah's Witness does not accept any type of blood bank product due to it not being their own. However, the use of cell salvage is widely accepted within the community. The patient has the option to partake in cell savage under a closed circuit system. The closed circuit system allows a continuous loop from the surgical site, through the cell saver machine, and back to the patient's intravenous site where all fluids are delivered to the patient while in the operating room. It is each owns personal preference to undergo any other CATI service such as Stem Cell Concentration or Platelet Therapy.  Read more on this topic in our Articles of Interest, Cell Salvage in the Jehovah's Witness Patient.

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